Description of the company

We are a company with years of experience that offers quality electrical services in the manufacture and implementation of automation of machines, devices, systems and production processes.We follow the latest trends to develop technological solutions based on quality, innovation and reliability. The goal is simple: to provide customers with the highest level of satisfaction.Armed with industry expertise and innovative technical solutions, we work together with our customers to solve their process challenges. To achieve top products and systems, we focus on key drivers, such as the manufacture of electrical projects and electrical control cabinets, wiring of machines and facilities, programming, renovation of electrical controls, electrical measurements and manufacturing of machines.

Our vision and our mission

At our core, we strive for continuous technological development and quality improvement of our products. The goal of this strategy is two-fold: to position ourselves as the most prominent company in the Slovenian market for electrical control systems, and simultaneously gain visibility in European and world market.
As a company, we prioritize hiring best in class technical staff to develop our products. Our talented team adapts to specific customer needs and creates novel solutions. To make sure we keep up with the rapid pace of change, we offer our staff the opportunity to routinely upgrade their industry knowledge and expand product horizons.