Like many other websites, this site too, uses small files, called cookies, to function and to enhance user experience.

Using this site, you agree with the use of cookies in line with this notification. If you disagree with the use of cookies, you can disable them in line with the aforementioned instructions.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file that saves the settings of websites. Websites save cookies into devices of individuals which the latter use to access the internet with the aim of recognising individual devices and settings used by individuals while accessing the internet.

Cookies allow websites to recognise whether an individual has already visited this website while in advanced applications cookies allow to adequately adjust individual settings.

Cookies are essential for making online services user-friendly. They are used to save data on the state of individual website, they help in collecting statistics on individuals and the frequency of use of a website etc. Thus, cookies allow us to evaluate how efficiently our website has been designed.

Types of cookies

The organisation’s website uses the following cookies:


Cookie name




For the time of the session

Session cookies


Google Analytics


24 hours

It is used to differentiate among users.



2 years

It is used to differentiate among users.



1 year

It records a visitor.


The process of saving and managing cookies is under a total control of the browser used by an individual.

As desired, the browser may limit the storing of cookies or render it impossible. You may also delete cookies already stored by the browser; instructions can be found on the website of individual browser.

Social media cookies

Different social media require cookies for the correct functioning of their plug-ins. Social media that use cookies are: Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, YouTube, Vimeo… Cookies of Facebook, Twitter, Google+… record most user data and as such threaten your privacy the most.

This site does not use automatic upload of social media cookies. Cookies are uploaded only if so requested by the visitor, by clicking the button of individual social medium. Administrators of a website have no influence over the cookies uploaded when an individual clicks a button of their choice. You can avoid uploading the cookies by not activating the plug-ins.

How to completely disable cookies?

In general, browsers accept cookies automatically. The browser's settings also allow us to disable the cookies. Settings for individual browsers can be found under individual browser.

By disabling cookies, the website’s functioning will not be optimal, with certain functions potentially being disabled as well. Even after you have disabled the cookies, the browser will acquire certain information necessary for basic functionalities of the website.

More information on disabling the cookies can be found at:

Logs - Server

Our server logs record IP addresses of access as is done by every server.

We have lawful interest to record IP addresses into server logs in order to provide adequate level of server safety and of services hosted by the server (Opinion of the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia No. 0712-1/2018/96).

Data protection and data accuracy

The company provides for the information security and the infrastructure (premises and application and system software) security.

Among others, our systems are also protected with anti-virus software and fire wall. We have introduced adequate organisational and technical safety measures aimed at protecting your personal data against arbitrary or unlawful destruction, loss, change, unauthorised disclosure or access, as well as against other unlawful and unauthorised forms of processing. In the event of sending special types of personal data these are sent in an encrypted form and protected with a password.

It is your responsibility to send us your personal data in a safe manner, and that the data sent is accurate and reliable. We will endeavour to keep your personal data, which we process, accurate and up-to-date. Occasionally, we may seek your confirmation as to the accuracy of your data.

Cookies were prepared by the company on 1 April 2021.