Manufacture of individual components

The needs and desires of the market increasingly require the flexibility of individual contractors and suppliers, which dictates the expansion of our business in the field of machinery.
For the needs of our own production of electrical equipment, as well as for the needs of external customers, we draw and produce smaller machines or mechanical components that can serve as a stand-alone product or as an integral part of larger devices or systems.

Manufacture of smaller devices

We decided to expand our activity to the mechanical field as well, as a provider of manufacturing and supply of small devices and machines, which we usually offer in cooperation with our partners – machine builders. More and more often, owing to various reasons and needs, the desire of our customers to offer them a comprehensive service for manufacturing these devices is expressed.

Line manufacture and automation

We offer more complex machines, cells, or lines exclusively in cooperation with our regular customers – machine builders, which we clearly define early on in the phase of demand and supply. In the end, we can act as a subcontractor or contractor, which we clearly define with the clients in advance.

Metal working

The field of machinery also opens up certain demands and needs for metal machining, which we are currently servicing only in cooperation with our so-called in-house business partners. With such an approach, we enable the client to acquire a provider for the various services he needs all in one place.

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