We follow the latest quality standards

Eksist d.o.o. is the market leader in electrical control systems.

Efective solutions

Our company mission is to provide our clients with effective solutions which affect growth of productivity, efficiency and quality in production, and, on the other hand, result in reduction of maintenance costs.

Our program combines sales, business and many years of experience in project planning. Systems that we set will become your key element in production and execution of works. Our team seeks to exceed the clients’ expectations in every project.

Designing and planning

Design and planning are the basis of every project. Before the actual implementation it is required to prepare a plan, where the structure and functionality must be precisely defined, as well as the objectives and progress of the project. A quality approach to design greatly increases the efficiency of work and customer satisfaction. Only well designed architecture can provide an efficient interaction with the client. Following this method we bring the client to the desired aims and ensure the maximum effect from the investment in the long term.

Fresh ideas

Youthful enthusiasm and adequate staffing enables the innovative and fresh ideas in the implementation of inpidual projects.

Our experts provide you with fast and quality work.

Company Eksist d.o.o.

Our company specializes in the production of complex control systems for machines and different equipment used in production, as well as various other electrical controls that are not typical for production  processes (various monitoring systems, telemetry etc.).

Our personnel have all the needed knowledge and education in the sphere of electrotechnics, which allows complete fulfillment of the project – from design to wiring and startup of systems.

Our company is distinguished foraccuracy andquality of project realizationdue to many years of experienceandenthusiasm.

There is a wide range of clients that trust us, from large well-established companies and institutions to young companies that are just starting their business.

We do our best to make our solutions up to date with the spirit of modern times.

We build correct and professional relationships with our business partners.

We work efficiently and think in the right way, which is confirmed by our customers who continue to demonstrate their trust with loyalty to our company.

We put all our knowledge and maximum of energy in each project.

Why can you trust us:

  • We are professionals with years of experience and a wide range of knowledge for finding the efficient solutions.We are proud of many projects we have implemented.
  • We follow the latest quality standards.
  • We constantly monitor technological trendsand make sure that each of our products is manufactured in accordance with them.
  • For you we will develop a totally unique project, for which, having examined in details the specifics of your wishes and requirements, we will prepare the appropriate technical solutions.
  • Most of our employees are college educated.

“The investment (Certificate Voucher – ISO 9001: 2015) is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund”