Standard products

– Concrete plants

For the needs ofthe construction industry, we have developed a system of control and statistics for concrete plants. We also carry out renovation and replacement of controls on the existing concrete plants.

Concreting equipment is produced with the company ZUP@VIB d.o.o., which also produces all mechanical equipment.


– Controls for small hydropower plants up to 500 kW

For new and existingsmall hydropower plants we produce electrical control equipment, which includeselectrical project, ECC, control program, installation and startup. We adapt to the client’s wishes. Controls are produced for Pelton and Francis types of turbines. Projects in this areaare carried out with the turbine manufacturer TINČK INŽENIRING d.o.o.


– Systems for closing bottles and other packaging

We produce electrical controls for needs of the company PROMI d.o.o . These aredifferent closing and dosing systems primarily for the food industry and pharmacy.