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Accurate planning provides:


set of the right goals and direction of the project,

correct and efficient guidance for the client in carrying out the desired actions

maximum optimization of the project

the best profitability of the investment.



Design and planning: 


Design and planning are the basis of every project. Before the actual implementation it is required to prepare a plan, where the structure and functionality must be precisely defined, as well as the objectives and progress of the project. A quality approach to design greatly increases the efficiency of work and customer satisfaction. Only well designed architecture can provide an efficient interaction with the client. Following this method we bring the client to the desired aims and ensure the maximum effect from the investment in the long term..



Project Management:


For the full record of each project we use web application , through which we record all the work performed. With the quick insight (requires only Internet access) it is possible to follow the entire history of the project, all the works performed, as well as possible irregularities and notes.




Company data

Eksist elektrokrmilni sistemi d.o.o.
Short name: Eksist d.o.o.
Čevljarska 37
4226 Žiri

Matična številka: 6132880
Identifikacijska številka DDV: SI 43282644



Andrej Tušar
phone +386 41 414 433

Danilo Kosmač
phone +386 41 618 661

Where we are

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