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Effective solutions


Our company mission is to provide our clients with effective solutions which affect growth of productivity, efficiency and quality in production, and, on the other hand, result in reduction of maintenance costs.


Our program combines sales, business and many years of experience in project planning. Systems that we set will become your key element in production and execution of works. Our team seeks to exceed the clients' expectations in every project.




Working on electrial projects


We are preparing electrical projects with the use of CAD tools e-PLAN and WSCAD.

The choice of software tools depends on the selected family of controllers. Electro controls are basically implemented with controllers produced by Siemens, Vipa, Unitronics and Beckhoff. 


As we adapt to the customer's needs and compatibility of its existing system, in addition to controllers of the desired manufacturers the appropriate CAD tool is chosen for creating the inpidual project.








Company data

Eksist elektrokrmilni sistemi d.o.o.
Short name: Eksist d.o.o.
Čevljarska 37
4226 Žiri

Matična številka: 6132880
Identifikacijska številka DDV: SI 43282644



Andrej Tušar
phone +386 41 414 433

Danilo Kosmač
phone +386 41 618 661

Where we are

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